This 30-second TV spot for the Memphis Symphony orchestra has received 3 Telly Awards for Best Music and Best Animation.
Made at Studio Mobile.

Animation for Blue Label, which provides the global art community with unprecedented access to reliable, accurate and comprehensive art data, helping to prevent loss of information, misrepresentation and forgery.
Made at Studio Mobile.

Fishes is a playful animation that documents the life of drunken fish, fluttering about the deep seas while surrounded by slowly sinking objects from the Titanic. This whimsical parody was a participant and winner of many international animation festivals, including the Annecy International Animated Film Festival.
Made at Studio Mobile.

A clip from "A is for Aye Aye" - a short film that mixes live action with animation, a young girl brings 100 years of images to life when she befriends an aye-aye, a lemur from Madagascar, in the New York Public Library’s Picture Collection by Augusta Palmer.

Winner of The Best Animation at the New Jersey International Film Festival 2016. 


Interstitial animations for a short movie Meet My Boyfriend, about a woman's dating odyssey to find a perfect boyfriend. 
Written by Liz Tuccillo, directed by John Ruocco.

This short is inspired by the work of Leo Rabkin, an amazing 92 year-old New York artist, who creates what he calls "nugatory divagations" using materials that might be viewed as worthless (nugatory) to create unexpected experiences off the beaten track (divagations). I love the sense of play and the tension between representation and abstraction where Leo's works seem precariously perched.
Created by Augusta Palmer.